FC Minneapolis | The City Lions

FC Minneapolis (also known as FCM or The City Lions) is an American soccer /football team based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States. Founded in 2013, the team operates as an Independent Professional Football Club, playing exhibition matches throughout the season, undertaking International Football Tours, and running Internal Exhibition Tournaments. For our previous season the team played in the regional American Premier League.

MOTTO: Going beyond the game.
MISSION: To provide a quality, accessible and equitable pathway to professional football for all players in the United States.
VISION: To be a team of accountable, transparent, decent, just and professional men and women known by their good works on and off the field.
VALUES: Accountability, Transparency, Decency, Justice and Professionalism.
OBJECTIVE: To become one of the most popular and successful independent professional football teams in our country, playing one of the most popular spectators’ sports on Earth.
PHILOSOPHY: We believe in the basic principles of playing beautifully, winning with grace and losing if we should doing so with dignity so as to develop one of America’s  leading independent football brands and a global community of followers.
COMMITMENT: Developing the game of football in the State of Minnesota and America at large by giving local and international players opportunities to compete at professional levels while showcasing their talents to top football markets.