FC Minneapolis to become the first Independent Professional Football Club in the Midwest.

FC Minneapolis to become the first Independent Professional Football Club in the Midwest.

After acquiring a professional football/soccer specific Stadium a few days ago, FC Minneapolis management announced to its members and partners that they will be running as an Independent Professional Football Club moving forward.

This will help the club to realize its aim of exposing it’s players to top notch football by playing exhibition games and tournaments with high quality clubs within the United States and across the globe.

Due to the fact that America’s football system does not grant a promotion path for smaller clubs to the major league, teams like FC Minneapolis are bound to be restricted to only regional and state level competitions which ultimately does not help the club to grow or the players to utilize every opportunity to market themselves to the world.

The club’s decision to become Independent will help them to break any barriers that have been limiting them to a specific level of competition hindering their player growth and brand development.

FC Minneapolis plans to have 6 high quality exhibition matches played at their new Stadium in Blaine, Minnesota starting May 2017 and even though it’s too early to announce which teams may be scheduled, the club’s management has mentioned of their ongoing positive conversations with many clubs here in the USA and Europe and they are expecting to have a finalized fixture by early Spring of next year.

“This is a big leap for the club in regards to its newly found direction and we are pretty confident that this move will usher both the team and its player into a whole new realm of progress.” Said Aron Gastafus, the club’s Secretary.

FC Minneapolis will host open trials on Saturday, March 18, 2017, at the Hopkins Pavilion as the club seeks to further strength their squad for the upcoming new challenge.

Also speaking to our media, Ian Sendi spoke of his delight in the club’s new direction and expressed his excitement about the coming season.

“Player’s should have a reason to look at greatness as more than just a word but a way of being, going further, doing more, finding respect, seeking honour, never settling for ordinary, inspiring people, leaving a legacy, walking with giants and lifting the prize; and our club’s decision to run an Independnt Professional team gives them that reason.” Added the Ugandan.