Free soccer for kids

Local children have a great opportunity to learn soccer from the pros – for free. FC Minneapolis has partnered with The Salvation Army to offer complimentary soccer lessons and mentoring to area kids.

Every Monday from 5 – 8 p.m., the professional soccer team will volunteer to share what they have learned both on the field and off it.

“The game is played in 90 minutes, but the lessons learned can translate into an entire lifetime,” explained Ian Sendi (pictured, right with Captain Jesus Trejo), a middle fielder for FC Minneapolis. “Teamwork, the ability to handle challenges and to be humble when you win. These are just some of the lessons you can carry on in life off the field.”

Captain Jesus Trejo runs the E. Lake Street Salvation Army in Minneapolis. He calls the partnership a blessing for the community.

“We are truly, truly honored to be able to have this opportunity,” Trejo said. “This is a great opportunity for kids to learn soccer at no charge, while developing good skills to help keep them healthy and safe.”

FC Minneapolis says they chose to partner with The Salvation Army to help support our mission.

“Personally, I adore what The Salvation Army does. I wanted to be a part of the bigger picture, to help them do the ‘most good’,” Sendi explained.

The Monday evening group is open to all area youth and there’s room for more kids to join. Contact Captain Jesus Trejo for more information and to register, 612-201-1439. You can also learn more by visiting The Salvation Army at 1604 E. Lake Street, Minneapolis.

Please join The Salvation Army by volunteering or making a donation to support your local community today.