FC Minneapolis shines as Baraya FC stumbles 3-1 at the City Lions Camp.

FC Minneapolis shines as Baraya FC stumbles 3-1 at the City Lions Camp.

The Minneapolis side made some changes to their squad today after playing away and winning 7-0 yesterday against North Hennepin, resting some of their starters and introducing some new signings but it all seemed to work in their favour when Ethiopia’s Ali Guleed scored his 3rd goal for the City Lions this season from a long range opening up the score and  giving the hosts a well-deserved lead in the first half.

Leon Fortuna doubled the lead after missing several chances but this time finding the net and setting his side to a more comfortable position.

Mohammed Jameel who managed to keep a clean sheet yesterday in Brooklyn Park played impressively, making some strong saves and denying the visitors numerous open chances.

Moise Damey came in for Leon Fortuna in the second half and found a beautiful header in the back of the net from Eric Swen’s cross making it 3-0 in the late moments of the game.

The visitors were able to score one goal in the 92nd minute of the second half making it 3-1 by full time.

Jairo Castellanos was helped off the field after suffering an ankle injury and at this point, it’s too early to tell when the Mexican will be returning from the sidelines.

“It’s not a simple thing to play two games in a row without players getting enough rest but we just did. We were patient on both occasions building plays and, maintaining our rhythm and in the end we scored and then won.” Said the City Lions player Manager Ian Sendi today in a brief statement.

“I have seen players mature at a fast rate every day of practice. I push them hard and cause them to have higher expectations for themselves and that is beginning to reflect in our style and appearance one game at a time. They are all hard working and focused and as a coach that makes my work of managing somewhat easier.” The Ugandan added.

The City Lions will be travelling to Kansas this Tuesday to face NPSL’S FC Wichita on Wednesday before returning to Gordy Aarmoth on Saturday to play the Brooklyn Knights.