FC Minneapolis to face Minnesota Brooklyn Knights FC in Lions Cup Finals.

FC Minneapolis to face Minnesota Brooklyn Knights FC in Lions Cup Finals.

The City lions will travel to Zane Wood Elementary School to play against the Knights one more time this year in the first Lions Cup Final scheduled on Monday, August 21st at 6:00 pm.

Both these teams met in the earlier stages of the tournament with FC Minneapolis winning 5-4 in the first round and losing 4-1 in the second.

The City Lions are likely going to be without their top scorer James Brent who will be on leave in New York and Center Back Brian Osinde currently away in Michigan.

It’s possible that Ian Sendi will be calling back Malachi Donofrio, Jude Woode, Justin Moore, and Humphry Togba all who have been on a short term loan in Granite City to further compensate for his missing players.

In his statement today afternoon, Fabian Aguilar said that “The Lions’ Cup has been a very exciting competition. I’ve been able to use these games as preparation for next year’s tour. I also found new strengths that will make me a stronger player in the long run. Having this opportunity has given me the chance to work on my weakness and improve my performance over all. Very excited about scoring and now being in the final.” “I said it last year, this is my year to show what I can do. This cup has been a witness of that!” The Mexican  Forward added.

FC Minneapolis has had an incredibly great season! Out of the 19 games from all competitions combined; that they have played so far? They have drawn 1, lost 4 and won 14 and they now come face to face with the Knights after previously defeating Granite City FC by 4-2 at North Hennepin C.C in Brooklyn Park.

Ian Sendi also spoke of his growing delight in his current squad. “I see them wanting to be better every day and for them, this year’s campaign has been about earning respect from myself and everyone else. They have been professional in training and at games and now they have made it to the finals-something I am sure they deserve; we all deserve”

“There’s no telling how the final match will end. The Knights are very formidable and they have always given us a tough challenge but mentally, I know we are prepared and now my only focus is helping my players get better organized and prepared.” Added the Ugandan player manager.