Malachi Donofrio

  • Born (age)
  • LocationUSA
  • Squad Number1
  • Debut date


● U17 premier League winners 15-16 season

● Presidents Day tournament 2016 finalist

● 2016 Shattuck-St Mary’s boys Soccer Showcase group winners


● Excellent handling with the ability to make good decisions regarding the catching, deflecting and parrying the ball.

● Great ability with both feet and capable of short, medium and long balls.

● Able to distribute the ball quickly from hands over short and medium distance.

● Able to approach, delay and disrupt a 1v1 or through ball situation.

● Able to deal comfortably with high balls either by catching or by punching.

● Composed under pressure.

● Able to remain focused at all times.

● Strong self-confidence in all aspects of the game.

● Strong character on and off the field.

● Great communication skills on and off the field

● Work well with other people.

Recommendations from U17 Fusion Boys Premier team

My name is Ryan Servaty and I am a former assistant coach at the University of St. Thomas under Jon Lowery and coach of the U17 Fusion Boys Premier team. I have had the honor of coaching Malachi Donofrio for the past 12 months and it is with my distinct pleasure I am writing this letter of recommendation for Malachi to be invited to your upcoming combine. If you are in search for a young, ambitious, local goalkeeper you should look no further than Malachi. Malachi has the desire to play soccer at the next level and is committed to doing whatever is necessary to make that dream a reality. Malachi has many great qualities that I feel would make him an ideal candidate for you to take a strong look at. His size and strength combined with his high level soccer IQ are personal characteristics that make him, one of the top up and coming goalies in the state of Minnesota. His shot stopping and distribution are major strengths to his game that I have seen him perform at levels beyond many of the GK’s I have seen and worked with at the college level. The above qualities reinforce why our club team was top 3 in MN and one of the top teams in the region as well as his current high school team being ranked near the top in the state currently. If Malachi is given an opportunity to showcase his skills I am confident that he will not disappoint all who are observing. You will get a young man completely committed to making himself and your organization better while representing himself and your club with a professional attitude. I highly encourage you to strongly consider Malachi for your combine and consider him one of the best up and coming local players in Minnesota.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. 320-339-3794

Recommendations from Keeper Konnection LLC

Having trained some of the top youth and collegiate male goalkeepers in Minnesota for the past 15 years, I can confidently say that Malachi is exceptionally advanced for a goalkeeper at his age, and is currently among the very best goalkeepers under the age of 18 in Minnesota. Coming from an unusual club soccer background, Malachi has developed on a different track than his peers, and has a technical foundation that is extremely rare in a young goalkeeper. His kicking and handling techniques are as strong as most goalkeepers with years of experience at the college level or beyond. My hope for Malachi is that he can find the right developmental environment that will continue to push him towards his goal of playing professionally – which seems within his reach given his technical foundation and work ethic. Tom Kleczewski Founder, Trainer Keeper Konnection LLC

Recommendations from Matt VanBenschoten

I would like to recommend Malachi Donofrio to be considered for the Minnesota United FC combine. This past season Malachi played keeper for the Fusion U-17 Premier I assisted with. The team itself finished first in the league with 7-1-2 record, were runners up at the US Club Regional tournament and finished #23 in region II according to Malachi was instrumental in helping the team achieve its success this past season. He was one of the more dedicated players who was committed to making not only himself, but the entire team better over the course of the year. From physical standpoint Malachi has a big frame, he is very agile and has great hands which make him very hard to beat. He also sees the game very well and constantly communicates with the players in front of him. Lastly, even though this was his first season with this team he seamlessly bonded with his teammates and quickly became an integral part of the team’s chemistry. I would highly recommend Minnesota United FC take an evaluated look at him over the course of the combine. I think his ceiling is very high and I believe he will be a very successful goalkeeper in the future Matt VanBenschoten Assistant Coach Bethel University U-10-U-13 age Group Coordinator Fusion Soccer Club

Recommendations from FC Minneapolis

When Malachi first came for our tryout, we were not sure if he was going to last simply because he was young. The kind of game we were expecting him to catch up with required tenacity, discipline and a high level of talent but when he took to the poles he surprised us all. His sportsmanship and understanding of his role as a goalkeeper at his age were unmatchable. He was able to convince our coaching staff that he was the keeper our club was looking for and we have been so honored to know him as a player and a person. Unlike many players, Malachi has an unwavering resolve to succeed! His belief in the player he can become if he continues down the road of disciplined commitment has been his number one quality helping him rise from one level of the game to the other and that’s why when he came to us with a request to try out with your club we didn’t hesitate to recommend him however much we enjoy having him here at our club. We believe that Malachi brings to you the raw talent of a very skilled goalkeeper who with the right training and instruction will quickly adapt and fit in the type of game and system your club represents. Malachi is a well-meaning person with a strong sense of duty to his team and the game and I know that he will be just the right fit for your organization. We hope you will consider having him showcase his talents before your coaches and scouts and if you have any questions please feel free to contact me and I will get back to you with a prompt response.

Ian Sendi

Director FC Minneapolis